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The first edition of the Festival of Innovation and Social Technology (FITS) in Morocco, organized by MCISE and Innovation for Change MENA, seeks to reinvent the limits of collaboration, which brings together social change-makers in the region. The event can be enjoyed for free virtually from any corner of the world and in person, and for a small audience in Rabat, Morocco.

FITSi Morocco it’s a unique opportunity to meet and interact with other organizations, social leaders, and the entire social impact community that comes together for a day of networking, conference talks, and workshops.



Created by Wingu with the vision of FITS to increase a professionalized, transparent and autonomous sector, FITSi is a program that gives the opportunity to local organizations all over the world to organize independently this event to invite and share with their own communities. Since 2015, these special editions are offered with guidelines of curation, speaker coaching, event organizing, communication, and more.

Capitalizing on their past work and programs on social innovation and in hosting innovation events, Innovation for Change MENA and MCISE  teams will host to develop civil society generated social innovation prototypes focused on tools and approaches needed to facilitate civil society work on areas related to Big Data and Open Data, Organizational Coaching, Online Fundraising, Civic Technology, and Citizen Generated Data.

The festival will be a mixture of keynotes, 4 thematic panels, and 10 workshops, designed to address the needs of the participants previously assessed, and come out with concrete frameworks, innovations, softwares, and tools to be potentially implemented to better run the activities and operations of CSOs and the social sector.


This mentorship phase will be coordinated by local experts recruited by MCISE to assist the participants in formulating, prototyping, and reshaping their FITSi workshops outputs for potential implementation. MCISE expects to receive 10 FTISi proposals and will offer mentorship and technical advice for all the formulated submissions. 5 of the most outstanding prototypes will be selected to receive a small grants competition open to the participants of the FITSi in Morocco, the selection committee will be composed of mentors, representatives of I4C MENA Hub, and MCISE. The 5 winning proposals will get a seed funding of 2.000,00 USD each using a Fixed Amount Award (FAA) mechanism for the subgrant process.

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As part of the Innovation for Change (I4C) global network, the Middle East and North Africa Hub was established in 2017 to be a network of people and organizations who connect, collaborate, interchange ideas, innovations, and resources, and learn together. With vast country coverage throughout the region, the MENA Hub plays a critical role in joining efforts with network members to open the Civic Space and overcome restrictions to civil rights of assembly, association, and speech in the MENA region, through Advocacy, Digital security awareness, resourcing, and knowledge management.

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Founded in 2012 by a group of people enthusiastic about social change in Morocco, the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (MCISE) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding entrepreneurial and innovative solutions to every social challenge in Morocco. MCISE believes that supporting social entrepreneurs with system-changing ideas can provide benefits for Morocco and the wider global community. In 2017, MCISE joined the Ashoka network of international change-makers.

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It is a civic technology non-profit organization. Its multidisciplinary team promotes projects and social initiatives and maximizes their impact through a process of digital transformation and the implementation of innovative technological developments. With projects in more than 18 countries around the world, 40,000 people participated in its training events and workshops, developed 1,400 social impact digital solutions, implemented and developed more than 10 civic technology platforms.


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